Auto-Mazak DOO, Skopje is a specialized service for maintenance and restoration of motorcycles, vehicles, all terrain vehicles and light commercial vehicles, regardless of brand and manufacturing. Having special access to the repair and restoration of vehicles, thanks to the supremely trained graduate mechanical engineers –instructors that their education after graduating in Skopje enriched with education in the field of servicing of vehicles and service management in Peugeot-Automobiles- France, Nissan-Japan, Scania Truck&Busses-Sweden, Land Rover-UK, Mitsubishi Motors–Japan and Honda-Canada, successful service to a mixed fleet and distance themselves problematic issues for vehicles of all brands.
We are in Skopje, Macedonia in Southern Industrial Zone - Pintija, near the chemical factory OHIS, Prvomajska the street (the road to settlement Drachevo).


Special service specialty is restoration and maintenance of old-timers (motorcycles, cars, all terrain vehicles and trucks), production of hot-rods (install the latest technique in old-timers body  ) and the restoration of the legendary JEEP and LAND ROVER 4x4 all terrain vehicles. Restoration is performed with a special love and special equipment that enables a new life of the metal pets in the years ahead. Some of the restored vehicles were driven along the roads of Europe, but are recognized in exhibitions of  old -timers in Europe.
*AUTO MAZAK is member of OLD-TIMER CLUB RETRO LIFE. Beside AUTO MAZAK members are service ZLATE BENZ (a specialized maintenance and repair of the latest and old-timer brand vehicles from Mercedes), body shop ZENITH REMONT (specialized for body services for recent vehicles and for old-timers) and PEKARA KOZLE (production and distribution of pasta and financier of the club). Exlusive supplier for company AUTO-MAZAK of all bodyshop material and  special effect body paints is company ANGRO-COMERC from Skopje, Macedonia.
All members of the club are true lovers of old-timers on two and four and more wheels and with the ultimate passion and love to engage in saving from the tooth of time and forgetfulness of theirs and clients old-timer pets.


Auto Mazak Doo

Address: Prvomajska bb 1000 Skopje Macedonia

Tel/fax: +389 2 2461415

Mob: +389 70 242634